HB 404 - An Attack on Habitat Montana
Sponsored by Rep. Kelly Flynn

HB 404 will be heard by the House Fish, Wildlife & Parks Committee today in Helena. I urge you all to voice your opposition to this erosion of the Habitat Montana program. HB 404 aims to divert 25% the Habitat Montana program (our only wildlife habitat protection/acquisition law) to the Block Management program. Both of these programs are important, but robbing the Habitat Montana program to fund the Block Management program is not the solution. This is like killing the Golden Goose to pull out a few Golden Eggs.

Habitat Montana is the only fish and wildlife habitat protection/acquisition law we have. It provides the money to purchase our Wildlife Management Areas and provide conservation easements on private lands with wildlife habitat values. Habitat Montana is funded by sportsmen’s dollars.

HB 404 is a very divisive bill in my opinion, because we are robbing Peter to pay Paul. The preamble also says all these things that hunters want, but most hunters I know do not want the Habitat Montana program siphoned off to the Block Management program. While I as a hunter strongly support the Block Management program, I do not support robbing the Habitat Montana program to do so. I suggest opposition to this ill-advised bill.

The hearing is today and Rep Kelly Flynn is the sponsor. Please be respectful of the sponsor as he is trying to find solutions, but HB 404 is not the answer. Perhaps an interim legislative committee is needed to look at how the Block Management program funding can be increased, but again attacking Habitat Montana is not acceptable. You can call in to comment at 444-4800 or email comments to the House Fish, Wildlife & Parks Committee from this link.


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Under Committees select - House Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Bill Number - HB 404
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If you have any questions or need help please don’t hesitate to email me or give me a call.

HB 404 can be read here:


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