The Gallatin Wildlife Association works to promote the restoration, maintenance and perpetuation of native fish, wildlife and their habitat. Gallatin Wildlife Association (GWA) is a non-profit volunteer wildlife conservation organization (1976-present non profit 501c(3) corporation) representing hunters and anglers in Southwest Montana and elsewhere. Our mission is simply to protect habitat and conserve all native fish and wildlife. GWA supports sustainable management of fish and wildlife populations through fair chase public hunting and fishing opportunities that will ensure these traditions are passed on for future generations to enjoy.



  • Promote restoration, maintenance and perpetuation of native fish, wildlife and their habitat.
  • Promote and support sound management of fish and wildlife including public hunting and fishing on an optimum, sustained yield basis.
  • Provide a means whereby all people coordinate their efforts to accomplish these purposes.



  • Promote the belief that Montana's fish, wildlife, public lands and water are owned in common and to be shared equally by all its citizens.
  • On public lands, wildlife has priority over livestock, and other consumptive and extractive uses.
  • Promote public hunting as a legitimate and desirable wildlife management tool which is a fundamental part of our Montana heritage.
  • Promote the protection, restoration and conservation of habitat on which our fish and wildlife resource depends.
  • Promote scientific management of fish and wildlife species on an optimum sustained yield basis.


Who We Are

Gallatin Wildlife Association is open to membership by wildlife advocates and sportsmen/women. Our members include hunters and non-hunters, but we are all united by our passion for wildlife, our committment to habitat, and the assuring that public lands are used to support public wildllife. GWA board meetings usually occur weekly. We have no paid directors or staff. All advocacy carried out by GWA is on a volunteer basis. For further information on becoming a member, please see our Membership info. Glenn Hockett serves as our Volunteer President of the Gallatin Wildlife Association.


Contact Information

  • Mail: Gallatin Wildlife Association, PO Box 5317, Bozeman, MT 59717
  • Phone: (406) 586-1729


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Gallatin Wildlife Association
since 1976 a non-profit 501c(3) corporation